July 03, 2009

All about Kiowa Gordon

An interview with Kiowa Gordon

See him play Embry Call, a member of the wolf pack in ‘New Moon’

By Mary Kim Titla
“What character do you play in the movie?’” a young female fan asked as Kiowa Gordon posed for pictures. “Embry Call,” replied Gordon, who was recently cast as one of five werewolves in the upcoming sequel to the blockbuster “Twilight” called “New Moon.” The movie and its sequels are based on novels by Stephanie Meyer. The fan screamed excitedly as she ran through the crowd at the San Carlos High School graduation.

Gordon, 19, Hualapai, agreed to attend the graduation as a special guest. It was his first major public appearance since filming with the rest of what Gordon refers to as the “wolf pack” in Vancouver, British Columbia, earlier this year.
And:During an interview prior to the graduation, Gordon said he was on track to earn a high school diploma at Career Success High School when he responded to the open casting call. He’s now set to earn a G.E.D.

“An acting coach worked with me for about an hour before the audition,” Gordon said. Ironically, “Twilight” author Stephanie Meyer is a member of Gordon’s church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They attend the same ward; Meraz is also LDS.
And:He describes a day of the set. “We spend an hour in makeup (basically) getting darker and they enhanced our abs,” laughs Gordon. “It was really cold, one degree Celsius. We wore robes before our shoots. All our scenes were outdoors. We had to get in the rain.”

Gordon met all the major actors and shot a scene with Stewart. “I’ve had long hair since the seventh grade, to my shoulders. Our hair has to be short when we become werewolves. I had no idea they were going to cut it. Oh man!”
Comment:  So two of the Wolf Pack members are Mormons just like Stephenie Meyer? And Gordon attends the same ward as her? Sounds like more than a coincidence to me.

And the actors are getting spray-painted to "look like" Indians? Right, because Indians are dark and menacing, you know. With their long flowing hair like a wild animal's mane. Rowr!

Yes, a light-skinned Indian would contradict Meyer's theme: superhuman vampires vs. subhuman werewolves. In other words, Indians as savage beast-men. So the movie falsifies the real Indians to look like stereotypical Indians.

For more on the subject, see Quileute Werewolves in Twilight.

Below:  "Kiowa Gordon ... posed with students during the San Carlos High School graduation in San Carlos, Ariz." (Photo by Mary Kim Titla)


gaZelbe said...

Will someone please help me to understand what it is with non-Indians naming themselves after whole groups of our people? Especially mine!

It would never cross my mine to name a child "Scottish" or "Russian". I don't get it.

dmarks said...

Ask Dakota Fanning.