July 02, 2009

Educating Stephen about Obama

In response to a posting in June, reader Stephen wrote:Quick question how does an Obama supporter like Rob feel about this?


How do you feel about Obama dehumanizing and denying equality to a minority? I guess that's the sorta change you and his sheep like moronic following voted for. If you need I'll be in the kitchen cooking a batch of 'told you so'.
Since Stephen's personal attack was irrelevant to the posting, I deleted it. But I thought I'd take this opportunity to put him in his place once again.

Wow, Stephen, you really don't get the idea of staying on topic, do you? Thanks for demonstrating why I have to ban comments occasionally. It's because people like you think you can hijack this blog with your own agenda.

Pandering politician

I've already criticized Obama several times when it comes to Natives. I guess you missed those times? You miss a lot, don't you?

To answer your question, I think Obama is a typical pandering politician. I've said so many times in political discussions, starting when he was a candidate. Both personally and professionally, he's a mild intellectual who likes to test the waters before taking a plunge.

I always figured Obama for a middle-of-the-roader who wouldn't do anything too controversial. That's why I'm laughing at you conservatives who think he's a Soviet-style "socialist." His "cautiousness" hasn't surprised me a bit.

Therefore, you can say "I told you so" all you want. It won't faze me unless you catch me in a contradiction, which you haven't done. You "told me so" that I was right to think Obama a panderer two years ago...thanks!

Rob vs. Obama

In case you're as clueless as you seem, the positions I take are the logical ones supported by facts and evidence. I voted for Obama because his positions are similar to mine, not the other way around. When he deviates from my positions, he's the one who's wrong, not me.

Here are three issues where Obama has backtracked on his promises. Where my positions continue to be the right ones:

  • A Bad Call on Gay Rights

  • The Rank Dishonesty of the Obama Administration  [detaining suspects indefinitely]

  • Obama’s Make-or-Break Summer  [financial regulation]

  • You gotta love the intellectual dishonesty of conservatives like Stephen. When Obama does what they want, do they say, "Wow, he's turning out to be a better president than I expected"? No. These goosesteppers can't bring themselves to say anything good about him. Instead they fabricate scare stories about Obama's "fake birth certificate" or his "plan to take away our guns."

    That's the difference between me and you, buddy. I'll criticize "my" people and my colleagues--whites, liberals, Indians--if they deserve it. You apparently won't. If you've ever said anything negative about your Anglo and Irish ancestors, I must've missed it. You only excuse and defend them.

    The right choice

    I'm still glad I voted for Obama. Pandering to the center is a lot better than pandering to the far right, as Bush and McCain did. As far as I'm concerned, there hasn't been a single instance where McCain would've made a better decision than Obama. I'm confident the country made the right choice.

    McCain told us how he would've handled the Iranian protests, for instance. "Bomb, bomb, bomb...bomb, bomb Iran!" Is that your solution too, Stephen?

    On gay marriage, indefinite imprisonment, and financial regulation, do you think McCain would've taken a better (more liberal) position? I don't. Obama continues to be a better choice than McCain on these issues despite his moral cowardice cautiousness.

    Incidentally, calling the 53% of Americans who voted for Obama "sheep" shows what an out-of-touch elitist you are. No wonder you're so defensive about your white privilege. Apparently Obama is a threat to your power, your manhood, or something.

    Are you as afraid of blacks, Latinos, and other minorities as you are of Muslims? Do you agree with writer Russell Bates that Obama has a "black agenda"? Look out, Stephen, the brown-skins are coming!

    Below:  My impression of Stephen's impression of Obama.

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