September 10, 2009

Arbor Live

Another of Canada's amazing array of Aboriginal TV shows on APTN:

Arbor LiveRock guitarist Stevie Salas hosts ARBOR LIVE, a high energy and fast paced music variety TV show featuring emerging Aboriginal artists alongside today's global super stars. Join Stevie, comedic director "Steelbird" and his "assistant" real life movie star Eric Schweig and as they present these incredible live performances, in-depth artist interviews and hilarious comedic back stage antics with featured artists.Episode Guide

Episode 03:  I'm Not Alice!!

Features the techno traditional drum driven beats of Brule and their band leader Paul LaRoche who Steelbird thinks is Alice Cooper and it's driving him nuts in the process. Plus performances by the classically gritty, but distinctly Aboriginal, hip hop of Team Rezofficial, the power chord chocolate rockin' of Jesus Murphy and the soulful funk sensation Jace Martin.
Comment:  I haven't seen Arbor Live. I've just watched a couple of the videos.

I can't tell how representative the sample below is. If it is representative, Arbor Live appears to consist of a montage of quick cuts between musical performances and comedic bits.

For more on the subject, see TV Shows Featuring Indians.

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