September 10, 2009

Story treatment for Dream Weaver

On Facebook, Native Celebs wrote:Wes Studi appeared in the 2002 romantic comedy Dream Weaver, together with actors such as Jana Mashonee, Drew Lacapa, Apesanahkwat and Ray Tracey.

Ray Tracey was also the executive Producer.
Story TreatmentDREAM WEAVER is a Native American romantic comedy in which a two feuding members from neighboring Tribes are able to form a lasting peace which effect the destinies of their descendants as well as their Reservations.In response I posted the following note:The Dream Weaver website suggests a film that's being proposed or filmed, not one that's in the can. Maybe the filmmakers started it in 2002, but is there any evidence they finished it?I e-mailed McKay, the contact on the Dream Weaver website. My message was returned as "undeliverable." Oh, well. It seems the movie is defunct.

It's too late to ask anyone, but why use a dreamcatcher as a logo for Dream Weaver? Wouldn't a dream-weaver logo be better?

For more on the subject, see The Best Indian Movies.

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