March 05, 2010

McCain vs. Hayworth on warpaint

Rob Capriccioso reports on the battle for Arizona's Republican nomination for senator:

McCain vs. Hayworth in battle of the war paintJ.D. Hayworth, Sen. John McCain’s challenger for his Arizona seat, released the following image in a fundraising appeal today, depicting the past presidential candidate in Avatar-like war paint:The image made it to the Drudge Report, and McCain staffers said it was offensive to Native Americans.

“Ex-Congressman J.D. Hayworth should immediately apologize and take down his latest online ad, which is an outrageous offense to John McCain’s lifetime of honorable service to our state and nation, and insulting to Native Americans here in Arizona and across America,” McCain campaign manager Shiree Verdone told told members of the press.

Hayworth’s staff responded that McCain needs to get a sense of humor, and ended up releasing a new image, this time with McCain depicted with bluer skin:

Comment:  Here's what I imagine Hayworth's people thinking: "Oh, wow. McCain's people thought those blue streaks were supposed to be Indian warpaint? Those idiots must be as clueless about the Avatar phenomenon as they are about everything else. Paint McCain's whole face blue so they can't possibly misunderstand the message."

For more on McCain and Indians, see McCain Attacks Native Grandparent Study and The 2008 Presidential Campaign. For more on Avatar, see Why the Right Hates Avatar.

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