June 12, 2010

Arizona wants to lighten tones

As you may have heard, an Arizona school principal ordered the skin tones in a mural lightened because he thought they looked too dark. After everyone ridiculed him for his blatant prejudice, the principle backed off.

But the trouble isn't over yet. Here's the latest news flash from the racist state:

Arizona demands red-rock formations be painted flesh-colored. "Red is the color of Commies and savages," said Gov. Jan Brewer. "It's un-American."

"Unless it's paired with white and blue," she added. "Then red is as American as the blood spilled to make this a place where anyone can aspire to be white and Christian."

For more on the subject, see Arizona Makes More Changes.

Below:  Under Gov. Brewer's latest initiative, much of Arizona would be repainted to reflect America's European heritage.


Arizona Native said...

Rob this really isnt funny. As a native(in more ways than one) to Arizona I am offended by what you have just said here.

Rob said...

I'd call it satire rather than humor, if that makes a difference. And I trust you understand what I'm satirizing. An Arizona principal did try to lighten the skin tones on a school mural.

I've posted a couple dozen items on Arizona's new laws, you know. The common theme is criticizing the white people who are cracking down on Latinos and Indians. Is there some particular reason you find this item offensive but not those?

arizona Native said...

Yeah I get that the thing is you did several of these satires and thats not cool

Rob said...

I think they're cool. You'll have to give me more of an explanation than "I am offended" if you want me to address your concerns.