June 29, 2010

Who should play Rainmaker?

Responding to the talk about Megan Fox as Sarah Rainmaker, Lisa Charleyboy of the Urban Native Girl Stuff blog ponders who should play the role. Her suggestions are Q'orianka Kilcher, Melanie McLaren (Tkaronto), and Crystle Lightning.

I don't know much about Lightning or anything about McLaren, but these choices might be okay. But I'd still suggest someone 1) from the Apache or a related tribe, 2) who doesn't look like a Hollywood starlet, and 3) who can play a lesbian convincingly.

For more on Sarah Rainmaker, see Top Five Native Heroes and Rainmaker the Environmentalist.

1 comment:

m. said...

Ugh; please, please, please NO MORE of these small-time First Nations/Canadian Aboriginal actresses for every single Native role! And Q'orianka is NOT all there is to offer! Basically, I agree with you, Rob. I'd love to see a casting director get off their butt for once and make a trip to uncover some Apache talent. A Navajo actress could work, too...there's another idea, so these people cannot use the excuse that "the options are limited". It's not like most people have heard of or care about two of those actresses, otherwise there is just so much talent out there that is being wasted and could gain exposure.