September 25, 2013

Adam Beach in Revolution

Revolution Season 2 Spoilers: President of United States to be Revealed; Adam Beach Makes His First Appearance

By Robert ChristieKripke also discussed with the website Adam Beach’s role in the show’s sophomore season. Beach’s character—who appears in tonight’s premiere—like many people in this new world, doesn’t really get along with Miles (Billy Burke) right away.

Beach will play “the sheriff of the town of Willoughby that our heroes stumble into and immediately there’s a little friction with Miles because he senses that there’s [something off],” said Kripke.

He adds that Miles doesn’t use his real name when he arrives in the sheriff’s town to hide his identity. However, the sheriff quickly realizes that something is up.
Comment:  Coincidentally (?), I suggested using Natives in Revolution at a meeting last November. If NBC actually listened to me, I'm impressed!

Where's Lou Diamond Phillips?

This led to a brief discussion with a Facebook friend:Have they just got the one, then?ust one Native? Yes. I suggested a whole subculture of Natives, and they came back with one guy playing a sheriff. So they may not have listened to me after all.Well I was asking if they just had the one ACTOR. I mean you seriously start to wonder what they do when Adam Beach and Wes Studi are both busy?Yeah, their overreliance on the same actors is kind of silly. It's not as if this is a Shakespearean role, either. He's a stoic sheriff with about five lines in the first episode.Playing a sheriff? NBC has worked with him before (also playing a cop) so it could just be that they wanted him for the part of the sheriff and the fact that he's Native might be entirely inconsequential.

A stoic Native character with five lines? Was Lou Diamond Phillips already booked?
Phillips is doing Longmire, so I think so.

Beach's character may grow. Or he may continue to be a stock character.

Probably the latter. With Miles, Sebastian, and Tom around, the show doesn't need another leading male character.

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