September 26, 2013

Indians mourn Baby Veronica's return

Two of the many mainstream articles that imply Veronica Brown is finally "home" after being somewhere else with her father Dusten Brown:

Capobiancos ‘overjoyed’ to have Veronica back in their lives, birth father’s role uncertainWhether Dusten Brown ever sees his biological daughter again could hinge on whether Veronica’s adoptive parents give him that chance or on the results of long-shot court appeals, attorneys said Tuesday.After 4 years and 2 states, Cherokee girl in disputed adoption case gets permanent home in SCWhen the Capobiancos complete the long drive from Oklahoma to South Carolina, their topmost priority should be creating the stable life that Veronica has lacked in her first four years of life, experts say.History repeats itself

Meanwhile, Brown, the Cherokee Nation, and Indians everywhere are mourning another stolen child:

Dusten Brown issues statement on the transfer of his daughter, VeronicaThe last few days without Veronica in our home have been more painful than words can describe. We are heartbroken at the loss of our daughter. I moved heaven and earth for two years to bring Veronica home to her family where she belongs.

Cherokee Nation Attorney General Comments on Transfer of Veronica BrownWe are deeply, deeply saddened by the events of today, but we will not lose hope. Veronica Brown will always be a Cherokee citizen, and although she may have left the Cherokee Nation, she will never leave our hearts.Transfer of Custody of Veronica Brown: Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Baker RespondsHistory is repeating itself, as a Native American child is being forcibly relocated to South Carolina against the will of her father and her tribe.Cherokee Nation Mourns as Veronica Is Returned to Adoptive Family“We hope the Capobiancos honor their word that Dusten will be allowed to remain an important part of Veronica's life,” said Hembree. “We also look forward to her visiting the Cherokee Nation for many years to come, for she is always welcome. Veronica is a very special child who touched the hearts of many, and she will be sorely missed.”Support Mounting for Dusten Brown on Facebook Page ‘Standing Our Ground for Veronica Brown’Support for Dusten Brown has emerged through grassroots efforts, like a Facebook page, Standing Our Ground for Veronica Brown, and the website The Facebook page has more than 12,000 followers and growing, but more support is needed for Brown, who is now being sued by the Capobiancos’ attorneys for nearly half a million in fees.

An Emotional Reaction: Mothers, Adoptive Parents and Adoptees Speak Out About Baby Veronica's RemovalIn the wake of Dusten Brown’s forced relinquishment of his biological daughter Veronica to Matt and Melanie Capobianco of South Carolina, birth mothers, adoptive parents and adoptees have shared their heartache with media and flooded the Internet with blogs and open letters. They express grief, compassion, encouragement for Brown to continue fighting and insight into how Veronica will adapt and react when she learns about and understands the battle over her custody.Finally, one of the few non-Native columns that tried to understand the Native point of view:

Legal battle over Native American girl comes to a poignant endThis is one of those heartbreaking stories that periodically makes headlines, sending a shiver down the spines of adoptive parents and enraging Native Americans whose children had been ripped away from them so often that a federal law was passed in 1978 to put safeguards in place.

The facts of this case seem so unfair to the biological father that it’s hard to understand why the adoptive parents have ended up with custody.

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