September 09, 2013

Elizabeth Kartchner's "Little Indian Party"

I came across this item on Twitter.

Elizabeth Kartchner is apparently a young mother who blogs. She describes her effort thusly:This lil’ blog started because Collin was watching a Yankees playoff game on television and I was bored. Ok, really, I wanted to have a place to share creative projects, pictures of my darling munchkins & extraodinary thoughts about our ordinary days.Recently she decided to hold a "Little Indian Party" for her daughter Avery. She posted pictures to show her ignorant views of Indians.

Birthday Party Pow-wow

A Birthday party pow-wow came about for one reason. I wanted to make a tee-pee! Avery was thrilled for the idea because one of her favorite movies is Peter Pan and she insisted on being Tiger Lily & she knew there would be cake involved.THE CAKE: was my favorite part! I found a local cake extraordinaire and I told her what I wanted. Chevron stripes, flowers and make even a fox somewhere. It turned out amazing. It’s called Piece of Cake. Do you like the little pokes in the frosting from anxious, drooling indians?

Comment:  So you let your daughter watch a racist movie? And as a result, you both have stereotypical ideas of what an Indian is? Great.

Maybe next year you can watch a Stepin Fetchit movie, then have an Uncle Tom and Aunt Jemima party. You can sing happy songs like the ones in Song of the South Wouldn't that be fun?

For more on Peter Pan, see Stereotypes in Tiger Lily and Boy Sees Racism in Peter Pan.

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