September 24, 2013

Renaming Redskins would cost $15 million

Redskins Rebrand Would Cost $15 Million

Should Team Bow to Pressure, Biggest Expense Would Be Replacing Name at Stadiums

By: Michael McCarthy
In today's politically correct environment, the Redskins are probably "delaying the inevitable," warned crisis-PR adviser LeslieAnne Wade, principal at Wade Media Management. Allen Adamson, managing director of Landor Associates, said a design firm could come up with a new name and logo for the Redskins--and roll it out within six months--at a price tag of $10 million to $15 million.

Landor helped the NFL create a leaner, meaner "Shield" logo in 2008 and helped rebrand FedEx from Federal Express in 1994.

Coming up with a new moniker would only run $500,000 to $1 million, he said. The real expense would be replacing the old name and logo at the team's FedEx Field stadium in Landover, Md., and Redskins Park HQ/training center in Ashburn, Va.

Said Mr. Adamson: "The cheapest part is coming up with the creative. The most expensive part is hoisting the new letters on top of the stadium."
Comment:  A Facebook friend responded:I wish they gave an itemized breakdown. I don't see how that could include replacing all the team equipment, everything from uniforms to office supplies, not to mention all the team merchandise they'd have to write off and reissue. I don't know what they meant by "hoisting the new letters on top of the stadium." I'm guessing the entire facility would have to be remodeled.Couldn't they keep the same colors and uniforms except for the helmets?

Actually, they probably go through lots of uniforms every year. So replacing them shouldn't be a big deal.

I think "hoisting new letters" is meant to encompass all the signage at team facilities. At least, that's how I read it.

The name might be phased out over a couple years, so they could use up the office supplies and sell the merchandise through attrition. So those aren't necessarily a concern either.

Indeed, the old items might become valuable. People might pay the team to own the last Redskins pens and paper.LOL! Like have a garage sale to raise money? Ha! Ha!Yes, like that.

Signage is biggest expense?

Perhaps Adamson meant his comments literally. Coming up with a new name and logo, and replacing the signage at the two locations, would cost $10-15 million.

I suspect that would be only a fraction of the costs associated with changing the name and logo. Every piece of merchandise would have to be redesigned. Every computer file, folder, database, URL, and website with the name would have to be changed. Every legal document--contracts, leases, etc.--would have to be reedited, reprinted, and refiled. Every auxiliary group, fan club, fantasy team, and so on would have to change its name, stationery, and signage to match the team's new name.

So yes...changing the stadium signage could be the least of the problems. It wouldn't surprise me if the total cost were $100 million or more.

On the other hand, as noted in Redskins Can Afford Name Change, some teams have gone through name changes already. Their costs supposedly were less then $10 million. So maybe the $15 million estimate is reasonable after all.

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