July 21, 2006

Coulter attacks Indians

Republican party scraping bottom of whiskey barrel with Ann CoulterAnn Coulter's press release "The Little Injun That Could" stated that "Churchill should pack up his teepee and hit the trail of tears." Ann Coulter's statement clearly dehumanizes the loss of lives of over five thousand Indian men, women and children! The trail of tears is just one of many hundreds of 9-11s Indians had to endure because of U.S. terrorist policies against their race.

Ann Coulter in her report "Not Crazy Horse Just Crazy" attacked Ward Churchill over his comments of comparing Indian reservations to the equivalent of Nazi concentration camps. Ann Coulter fired back at him by stating "I forgot Auschwitz had a casino." This statement by Ann Coulter goes to the heart of the Republican party's stand against Indians economic well being. Republican party members across our country use every tactic at their disposal to hinder or stop legislation that would bring economic relief to the Indian community. Ann Coulter is obviously uneducated and oblivious to the true documented history covering the American Indian holocaust.
For more on Ward Churchill and his infamous 9/11 essay, go to Terrorism:  "Good" vs. "Evil."

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