July 26, 2006

Fun facts from The Tailenders

I watched this PBS documentary today. Here are some items I gleaned from it:

  • When recording Bible stories in the Indian language of Mixteco, there was no word for "punish," so evangelicals had to invent one.

  • Evangelicals use the "5 Steps of Selling" to get their religious messages across.

  • They attack the major religions--Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism--as well as indigenous religions. For instance, one video says, "The fortresses of Buddhism are a false hope."

  • Once converted to evangelicalism, villagers say they can't participate in community activism becuse the Bible doesn't permit it. That serves the political and corporate interests that determine who gets land, water, schooling, health care, etc.

  • People convert to evangelicalism because they see others beginning to prosper economically. The converted can rent a house or buy a car. As one former Oaxacan put it, "I can go to all kinds of restaurants, all kinds of fast foods."
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