July 19, 2006

Dueling views on Black Cloud

I received the following comments from two correspondents on the same day.

1)Black Cloud is an excellent movie. The acting was superb. And even though I do not like boxing movies, the movie was really not about boxing per se. For me it dealt with every day issues of racism, class, sexual harassment, and on and on. All the issues facing too many American Indian people everyday all over the country.

The scenery was beautiful.

Rick Schroder did an excellent job in making this movie.

I encouraged my family to see it and all liked it, especially the young people in our family.
2)OMG, Rob, did you see "Black Cloud"? I saw one scene and it was atrocious. It was such garbage I couldn't bring myself to watch it. I felt embarrassed for everyone involved. Yes, it was that bad.Hmm. So which is it: good or bad?

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