July 22, 2006

More carping about casinos

Column:  "This virtually unregulated industry is leeching jobs"

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Anonymous said...

The "leaching jobs" criticism appears to be nothing more than a slam at the casinos for employing people! That's a remarkable attack to make, in my view. I suppose the casinos could turn around and earn Jander know-nothing's praise if they instead FIRED Americans, like GM and Ford are doing.

I've said it before, and I've said it again: if a person has problems with casinos, these problems are easily solved if this person stays away from them. Nobody is forcing anyone to go to a casino.

There are so many false statements in the editorial. Jandernoa refers to a past proposal put to voters: "Tribal casinos were exempt from Proposal 1". I remember this proposal, and voted on it. The specifically spoke about tribal casinos and concerneed and involved them. Tribal casinos were a big part of Proposal 1.

(even if I disagreed with the proposal and some of its backers who made the false claim that allowing non-Natives to have casinos was allowing them to steal from Natives.)