July 28, 2006

Displaced paranormals vs. dead people

In 1986 Marvel created a line of comics called the New Universe. The best NU series was D.P. 7, about a group of ordinary people who mysteriously gain superpowers. Another good one was Psi-Force, which featured a group of teens who could summon a Native spirit called Psi-Hawk with their combined abilities.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the New Universe, Marvel published several "Untold Tales of the New Universe" this year. The D.P. 7 issue told of a tribe threatened by one of its own, who gains the power to raise the dead. Here's the lowdown on the comic.


Anonymous said...

I loved the old DP7. I was excited when I read your Newsrock headline about a new DP7 comic. But after I read the article, I'm going to let it lie. Yet another lame example of the "every Indian lives in a teepee, wears a Dakota headdress, and has a totem pole out front" stereotype.

I'd hope that this site is well known enough that Marvel and anyone doing a Native comic right now would know to contact you (Rob) and/or your board of advisors to check the concept for errors. Maybe this sort of thing would not happen again.

Rob said...

I loved the old D.P. 7 too. It's probably in the top 10 of my all-time favorite series.

I don't think this website is that well known. We're getting around 15,000 hits a day this week (during the summer lull). That's good but not compared to the big boys.

Almost nobody, not even independent creators, checks with me before publishing an Indian comic. As they should, of course.

Anonymous said...

You lead the Google links for the search on native american comic books, so it's not like there's another authority on the issue they are consulting instead. Have you sent press releases to Marvel, DC, and others? To make sure they know you are around?

Rob said...

No, I haven't. I doubt they'd pay attention to a press release, but maybe I'll try one.