October 15, 2006

Adam Beach cries

Raising Maple Leaf on Iwo JimaBeach, who was brought up on the Dog Creek Indian Reserve in Manitoba and is a member of the Salteaux tribe, sees Hayes as an inspirational figure. He feels that portraying him has brought him closer to his personal goal of becoming an influential leader of the Indian nations.

"Ira Hayes is a hero to me," he says, dabbing his eyes. "He is like a lot of other heroes of war who struggled to maintain their dignity through those horrors. The American Indian in him kept him strong."

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Rob said...

I wonder if people voted against him as chief because they thought he was too "Hollywood"--not serious enough. These voters might've had a point. I'm not sure how he could've been a successful actor and a successful chief at the same time. One of his jobs would've had to give.