October 17, 2006

Tribes losing their roots

It's time for Native peoples to take a standI challenge you as I challenge myself to practice your traditions, learn your language, study your tribal history and learn how to subsist off the land and sea. Go to your elders and make an effort to find out your tribe, family crest, clan and house. You will find an enlightenment phase of your life. Knowing who you are is power and a sense of being.

We don't have to give up anything. We can still keep our jobs, eat at McDonald's, shop at Wal-Mart, use cell phones, drive our cars, watch HDTV and live in a house. We don't have to go live the old ways without the modern conveniences that make our lives easier. Our people adapt. If they had electric sewing machines or cars back in 1867, they would have used them.

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