October 18, 2006

Where X-Indians dwell

The X-Indian Chronicles
The Book of Mausape

Author:  Thomas M. Yeahpau
Illustrator:  Bunky Echo-HawkMausape, a young "X-Indian" man dreams he's about to compete against the King of All Fancy-Dancers--who, it turns out, is Elvis Presley in full Las Vegas regalia. Another teenage boy, concerned that he's not a real warrior, seeks confirmation behind the liquor store from Grandma Spider, a wise, obese old creature with the torso of an elderly woman and the eight legs of a spider. In stories and poems mixing magical realism with unflinching reality, a young American Indian author offers a raw, graphic view of life on a reservation, a place where bitterness toward the white man lingers, where the enemy often appears in liquid form, where misogyny often raises its ugly head, and where a new generation's pop culture infiltrates ancient beliefs. A standout voice in the anthology NIGHT GONE, DAY IS STILL COMING, Thomas M. Yeahpau explores the place between native culture and contemporary America where X-Indians dwell.Note:  Thomas Yeahpau is a Kiowa writer/filmaker/musician. Bunky Echo-Hawk is a Pawnee artist and a big supporter of Blue Corn Comics.


Rob said...

I believe the author invented the term. I suspect it translates to "cross-Indian"--as in a cross between an Indian and a non-Indian. Or maybe it plays on the X-Men motif and means a strange or unnatural type of Indian.

Rob said...

Somehow I knew you'd know Yeahpau. ;-)

Did he tell you the definition of "X-Indian," or did you deduce it?

Anonymous said...

X-Indian means two things. First, I believe there are really no real indians left, only people in our race that try their best to keep our traditions, but fail to see how much they actually have lost most of them. Second, the Generation X Indians, which I belong to. I'm glad to see you've been following up on me Russ because I recall that time you came out to Riverside to talk to us and I had to talk my peers into attending your meeting by saying I would smoke some weed with them, because we all learned a great deal in what you had to say and seeing what you did showed me it was possible and here i am, working at the ABC/Disney studios, the two biggest companies in TV and film. I am truely grateful for your words -Thomas