October 15, 2006

Are you a dreamcatcher?

Are You a Dreamcatcher? No.I can't think of anything more annoying or degrading than a huge billboard sign with the allusion of ladies gambling and a huge caption over it reading, "Are You a Dreamcatcher?"

Amazingly, this eyesore of a sign can be viewed right before one takes a little journey on Highway 49, into a beautiful, quaint valley with a historic significance all its own. I suppose the only more annoying thing would be a Home Depot plopped within the view shed of historic Jackson.

The popping up of American Indian casinos all over the nation is causing a slow, inevitable death of real Native American culture and tradition--a tragedy, for sure, almost as tragic as the genocide of Native Americans themselves. Quite frankly, I wish more cared. Billboard signs like these don't help.

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Rob said...

Indian casinos sometimes have a museum or cultural center nearby, but I don't recall seeing one in the same building. The most you can expect is Indian-themed furnishings or items in the gift shop.

Casinos are pretty ruthless about maximizing profits, and Indian casinos are no exception. But you have a point. They'd be wise to integrate more cultural displays into their properties, even if it hurt their profits. Not only would this educate visitors, but it would forestall criticism that today's Indians care only about money.