March 04, 2007

Another Native likes SCALPED

RED CLOUT:  Get 'Scalped'Finally, something quenched my thirst.

Jason Aaron’s new creation hits the mark. His latest work might start an avalanche unlike Indian Country has ever seen.

Aaron, a non-Native, created Dashiell "Dash" Bad Horse and a cast of characters in “Scalped,” a comic book based on a fictional reservation in South Dakota.

Bad Horse is the main character and one man you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. He is America’s worst nightmare, a stoic hero and a brilliant villain. He is a gritty warrior with a “hellbent-for-leather attitude” that many Natives will relate to. He is your evil cousin. He is also your best friend.
Comment:  Yeah, that's what we need...another "gritty warrior" as the protagonist in a comic book. Why settle for 1,000 gritty warriors when you can have 1,001?

Curiously, Dalton Walker called me and interviewed me about SCALPED. But he didn't use any of my opinions--at least not in this blog entry.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,
you have been a bit hard on Scalped I think. Comics are underground art. I don´t care much about if they are politically correct, as it is art. Art is free and is not obliged to depict reality or spare people violence, especially if it is noir. I mean I would like to tell our political leaders and extremists to spare us any more hatred and war, but not a comic book writer. The dialogue in Scalped is quite clever: many issues have been raised that white America does not even bother to think about. I think the story is rather comple. It is on young people´s perspectives and responsibilities on political activism, on losing a child, on desperation and on grannys watching the young folks suffer and stray from the right path, for starters. That is a lot. I´m a woman living in Europe and I have never been on a rez, still I know that reality there is probably not like in a comic book, still how many Hollywood movies depict the average American life. You have to read American Splendor if you want that. People are clever enough to dinstinguish between reality and fiction. And Natives are people and as such they can be anything: husslers, whores, crimes bosses, spiritual people, lovers, mothers, drug addicts. There is no wrong way to depict them, as you cannot pigeonhole them. I love the series and usually I don´t care too much about comics.

Rob said...

People are clever enough to dinstinguish between reality and fiction? Not according to this posting:

SCALPED fans can't tell the difference