September 30, 2007

Get rid of Columbus Day

'Columbus Day' America's National Terrorist HolidayAmericans are calling into question their tax dollars are paying for Columbus Day holiday when the true history of the man cannot be taught in our nations schools. State school officials are on record saying it would be harmful to teach young school children about atrocities Columbus committed against Indian men, women and children. Americans do not want their tax dollars paying for Columbus Day when the true history of this "sick criminal" clearly shows he was not a man of honor toward other human beings.

Seventeen states have dropped Columbus Day holiday. South Dakota state law changed Columbus Day to Native American Day. No American Indian Nation supports Columbus having a national holiday, especially when you look at the fact that there's not a federal national holiday recognizing American Indians for all they have endured, to include helping the country America come about, plus our government being set up on the principals of American Indian governments. It's time for America to come full circle and give credit where it's deserved on our countries national holiday list.
Comment:  It's that time of the year again--time for a spate of articles for and against Columbus Day.

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