September 29, 2007

Navajo biker-chick calendar

Me and my bike

Navajo photographer rolls out calendar of Native women bikersYou know those calendars that seem to hang in every mechanic's garage, the ones with the beautiful girls in swimsuits and high heels fawning over cars or tractors?

This isn't one of those.

Dan Denetchee's 2008 calendar, "Featuring Native Women Bikers," has women and machines all right.

But these women know how to drive the machines. In fact, they own them.

And you won't find any airbrushed cleavage in this calendar. Just lots of denim, leather and turquoise.

"It's a really clean calendar," laughed Eulalia White, Ms. August. "No bare skin, I promise."
Comment:  Gee, I wonder why Denetchee didn't go with the unclothed look a la Redskin magazine or the Rez Dog calendars.

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