September 24, 2007

Talent agent and novelist

Lorna Rainey, a Choctaw Talent Agent with Hidden TalentsSuccessful business woman and talent agent Lorna Rainey, MS Band of Choctaw descendant, demonstrates her own talents in her first novel, Native Intelligence. Until now, Lorna Rainey, a Native New Yorker and owner of Talent Express, normally made her fortune discovering, tapping into and nurturing the talents of others. While she continues to operate as a successful talent agent and business woman, Rainey has taken steps to begin nurturing a talent of her own--writing novels. This past July, Rainey released her first novel, Native Intelligence.

Native Intelligence is staged in post 9/11 New York immediately following the attacks on the World Trade Center. Rainey draws heavily on her own Choctaw heritage as she weaves a suspenseful thriller about the novel's heroine, Nita, a beautiful woman of Choctaw descent who follows her instincts straight into the heart of a sinister anti-American plot. Guided by her ‘native intelligence,’ Nita must discover who and what mysterious substance killed her best friend before the police arrest her as their prime suspect.

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