January 04, 2008

Kickapoos in The Only Good Indian

Kickapoo Tribe has role in upcoming movie filmed in KansasDespite limited acting experience, Tammy Wahwassuck and about 20 members of the Kickapoo Tribe of Kansas have small roles in the upcoming movie "The Only Good Indian."

The movie was filmed in locations throughout Kansas and uses the Kickapoo language.
The moviemakers got approval:Steve Cadue, Kickapoo Tribal chairman, said it was important that the film portray American Indians accurately and without prejudice.

He became acquainted with the writers and the producers before the Kickapoo Tribal government gave formal approval for the use of the language.

"They gave us good assurances that it would be a positive type of film," said Cadue, who didn't volunteer as an extra, but watched from the sidelines.

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