January 05, 2009

Caitlin Baker responds

Caitlin Baker (Muscogee Creek) recently posted a response to Native Athletes Who Do Good. I'm moving it here so more people will see it:I am honored to be part of the subject of this blog. I'd like to add my personal feelings if thats okay. Mr. Martin is right, I am not honored or recognized for my swimming accomplishments (hopefully someday!) but as a native youth I saw the problems facing me and my peers. I didnt want to wait and do something only after I won in the pool. We youth are told we are the future and I know that's true BUT for our own survival we need to be the RIGHT NOW!

Native youth need people they can respect not just for athletic accomplishments but for being good role models and making the right choices in life. I know for myself I have met so many kids who are role models to me because they have chosen to overcome and not be a statistic.

I appreciate the opportunity to add to your conversation. Mvto
Comment:  Let's hope Sam Bradford proves to be as much of a role model as Caitlin Baker already is.

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