January 02, 2009

Comet killed megafauna?

Diamonds show comet struck North America, scientists say

The impact caused an ice age that killed some mammal species and many humans 12,900 years ago, researchers report. They say the discovery of tiny heat-formed diamonds is proof of the catastrophe.According to the theory--which has its critics--as the comet broke apart, it rained fire over the entire continent, igniting the plains and the forests and creating choking clouds of smoke.

Heat from the explosions and the massive fires melted substantial portions of the Laurentide glacier in Canada, sending waves of water down the Mississippi and into the Gulf of Mexico. That triggered changes in Atlantic Ocean currents, which ushered in a 1,300-year ice age known as the Younger Dryas.

Battered by fire and ice, as many as 35 species of mammals, including American camels, the short-faced bear, the giant beaver, the dire wolf and the American lion, either immediately vanished or were so depleted in number that humans hunted them to extinction.

The humans, a Paleo-Indian grouping known as the Clovis culture for the distinctive spear points they employed, suffered a major population drop, disappearing in many areas for hundreds of years.
Comment:  This is another nail in the coffin of the non-Native scientists who have claimed that Paleo-Indians killed the Pleistocene megafauna. Several strong alternatives now exist to their theory. Yet these scientists never considered or even imagined any of the alternatives. They asserted their beliefs dogmatically as if they couldn't be wrong.

We can imagine what they were thinking. They wanted to prove that the Paleo-Indians were savage killers...that they didn't live in harmony with nature...that they were more unthinking and inhuman than modern people. This would discredit today's Indians as stewards of the land and keepers of age-old wisdom. It would open them up to charges that they don't deserve the land they're on--that Westerners should be free to use it because the Paleo-Indians misused it.

Nice try, you ideologues masquerading as scientists. Unfortunately, you lose again. Better luck next time with your attempts to smear Indians.

For more on the subject, see Dennis Prager and The Ecological Indian and Kennewick Man, Captain Picard, and Political Correctness.


Anonymous said...

Modern humans are non-savages? The whole argument about who is a savage and who isn't is a joke.

The nice men who wear suits and decide to kill thousands of people for diamonds, oil, precious metals, etc. are savages. They just have better technology.

Rob said...

I agree with you, Brad. In the 1930s, Germans were arguably at the pinnacle of Western civilization, with unparalleled arts and sciences. Look what happened to them.

dmarks said...

"Master race". Heh.