January 13, 2009

Laundress by day, actress by night

From rags to the river, an actor's dreamMisty Upham is living a real Cinderella story, but the "happily ever after" is yet to be written.

Upham says this is a wonderful time in her life. She is extremely proud of her work in "Frozen River." She is even up for an Independent Spirit Award for her work. Misty knows this is the biggest break of her career. But as a working actress, she also knows attention and acclaim don't pay the bills.

"There was one instance where I was scrubbing the toilets next door and I got a call from Sony and they said, 'You have to be on the red carpet at 6,'" said Upham.

Upham, 26, lives to act. However, to live and make ends meet, she works at the E-Z Laundromat and Cyber Café in Culver City.
Comment:  I believe Upham is talking about this event: the opening night of the Red Nation Film Festival. I met her there and she told me the toilet-scrubbing story.

Since I live in Culver City, I'll have to drop in at the E-Z Laundromat and Cyber Café and say hello sometime.

Anyway, follow the link to see a video interview. Or read the article, since it quotes most of the lines from the video.

Below:  Cute enough to be a Quileute werewolf in Twilight? You be the judge.

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Anonymous said...

Unlike the hudgens whore she doesn't repulse me because this girl appears to have functioning brain cells and doesn't look like she's one big botox sculpture.