February 09, 2009

4th season for Native Report

Native report scheduled for fourth seasonNative Report, a weekly TV news magazine produced in Duluth, has been renewed for a fourth season and is scheduled to start in February. The program is produced for both Native and non-Native viewers and is offered for free to public television stations across the country.

Native Report, co-hosted by Stacey Thunder (Red Lake Ojibwe) and Tadd Johnson (Bois Forte Ojibwe), is an entertaining and informative TV news magazine that celebrates Native American culture and heritage, and discusses issues with some of the most influential leaders today.

Juli Kellner, Executive producer at WDSE-TV in Duluth, says story ideas come from people who call or send emails to Native Report. She, Thunder and Johnson then collaborate to make selections and put the shows together. As part of production, Thunder and Johnson each do their own writing as well as the reporting and interviewing.

Thunder says she is proud to be part of this ongoing effort to share the stories of Native people. “The Native community has been under-represented in popular media, and if there is coverage, it tends to be negative,” Thunder said. “So Native Report shares the positive and dispels the myths. Viewers get to know all of who we are.”
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Native Documentaries and News.

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