February 04, 2009

Hank Williams First Nation

Hank Williams First Nation is yet another movie and TV series that I hadn't heard of until now. Here's the scoop:

Hank Williams First NationA remote Cree community takes on a certain charge when one of its own sets out on an ambitious (and somewhat loopy) adventure.

Seventy-five-year-old Martin Fox (Jimmy Herman) decides abruptly one morning that before he dies he must visit the grave of his long time hero Hank Williams. With the support of his younger brother, Adelard Fox (Gordon Tootoosis), Martin sets out for Tennessee on a Greyhound, accompanied by a 17 year-old nephew--sent along as a guide.

As the two travelers gain human-interest-story-of-the-week status in the US press, the news trickling back home provides a unifying spark to the little community, and the variety of colourful characters that make it their home.

Hank Williams First Nation is an endearing look at a good-hearted and good-humoured people and the unique charms and challenges that surround them.
Hank William's First Nation--The Series“Hank William’s First Nation--The Series” continues the stories first brought to life in Aaron James Sorensen’s critically acclaimed 2005 feature film “Hank Williams First Nation.” The half-hour series is a collection of stories capturing the unique charms, the character, and the quirky humour of Wapahoo--a fictitious remote Cree community. The whimsical and unique life-affirming culture of the Cree is at the very centre of these stories as the people in them go through the daily trials and tribulations of their lives. Through it all, the show covers universal themes known to all audiences regarding lessons learned, experiences gained, and hearts swelled and mended.

The six-part series stars Gordon Tootoosis (“North of 60”) and Edna Rain (“Dead Dog CafĂ©”) as Adelard and Vivian Fox, grandparents to Sarah and Jacob, played by Teneil Whiskeyjack (“Dreamkeeper”) and Colin Van Loon (“Hank Williams First Nation”). The series also stars Sheldon Elter (“Canadian Idol” semi-finalist) as Sarah’s friend Huey Bigstone and Jimmie Herman (“Distant Drumming: A North of 60 Mystery”) as Uncle Martin.
Comment:  Let me get this straight. Canadian TV shows such as Hank Williams First Nation, Wapos Bay, Moccasin Flats, and North of 60 were and are full of talented Native actors. But Twilight's producers can't find anyone except Taylor Lautner and Vanessa Hudgens to play Quileute werewolves. Are they missing something, or am I?

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