February 13, 2009

Rezkast up and running

Rezkast up and runningThe site is still in its infancy; it first came online last July, but initially the site design wasn’t what they’d hoped for so it was redone and launched again in November. It’s similar in some respects to YouTube or Myspace, but directed at American Indians.

There are many categories to look through. You can browse through the “Member” category where people have set up profiles with photos, friends and blogs. Or go to “Videos” and view them or make your own and post them. The video area is divided into sections for such things as culture and language, Native art, sports, education and others. You can go to “Comedy” and view something like the “Frybread Messiah Drew Lacapa;” or visit “Activity and Politics” and view videos of the presidential inauguration and some of the Native people who attended. The possibilities are endless.

There is a section for adding audios if you’re into music, or to post an article if a story needs wider distribution. Yet another possibility is the “Community” section where a group of people with similar interests, or perhaps a particular tribe, wants to set up their own community group.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Rezkast Aggregates Native Content.

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