February 13, 2009

Short Dawg Tha Native on tour

Short Dawg Tha Native on tourThe life of a rez dog isn’t always easy, but it’s insurmountably better if you’re Short Dawg Tha Native a.k.a. Raymond Galvan.

In October, Galvan, Serrano/Cahuilla, joined the Kottonmouth Kings on their “Bring tha Noize” tour to promote his new album “The Black Sheep.” He has also squeezed in some time to rap on smaller tours. The album will be sold exclusively on tour until the official release later this year under his label Voodoo Nation Records.

Galvan, a self-proclaimed black sheep, represents an artist who takes pride in doing music his own way, standing out among hoards of other rappers, not on the fringes. When not on tour, he’s in the studio recording new tracks, or promoting the artists on his label. He is also the front man for the rock/rap group Dog Faced Gods.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Gaming Fosters Music Studio.

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