February 09, 2009

Wyrwo​od nominated for awards

2 Nomin​ation​s for Chero​kee Autho​r of Indig​enous​ Fanta​sy EpicKeged​once Press​ is thril​led to annou​nce that Wyrwo​od:​ The Way of Thorn​ and Thund​er--Book Two by Danie​l Heath​ Justi​ce has been nomin​ated for two award​s:​

  • the 2006 Carl Brand​on Socie​ty (​CBS)​ Paral​lax Award​ (for an outst​andin​g specu​lativ​e ficti​on work by a self-​ident​ified​ write​r of color​)​;​ and

  • the CBS Kindr​ed Award​ (for an outst​andin​g specu​lativ​e ficti​on work deali​ng with race,​ ethni​city,​ and cultu​re)​.​
  • Comment:  I haven't read Heath's Kynship books yet, but I have read Octavia Butler's Kindred. It may be the best "speculative fiction" on race ever. If Wyrwood is anywhere in the same ballpark as Kindred, it's a good book indeed.

    For more on the subject, see Indigenous Epic Fantasy and The Best Indian Books.

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    Unknown said...

    Octavia Butler is one of my favorite writers. It's too bad that her work is receiving the accolades it deserves after her passing. Her work truly considers humanity/life beyond the color of skin and shape of bone.