June 07, 2010

Anti-Dudesons protest at MTV Awards

Tim Keenan's Photos--AIM Santa Barbara MTV protest June 6, 2010

AIM Santa Barbara's Photos--Demo against MTVs The Dudesons

AIM turned out in force to protest MTV's stereotypical episode of The Dudesons in America. From what someone posted, I gather the feeling was this: The event was well-attended. People seemed interested. The protesters made contacts. Even the police were somewhat sympathetic.

The last sign sums up the problem nicely. I'd love to see the Dudesons "spoof" greedy Jews counting their shekels or "Chinamen" ching-chonging in a laundry. But then the authorities and the public would denounce them as blatant racists. Only Indians get "spoofed" in minstrel-style shows.

Naturally, I don't claim this protest is going to change anyone's minds. It's all about raising awareness and educating people one step at a time. It may take a hundred or a thousand protests before Americans get the message, but they'll get it eventually.

For more on the subject, see Do Protests Work?, MTV vs. AIM on The Dudesons, and Natives Protest The Dudesons.


Anonymous said...

Seriously? The dudesons is just the tv show "Jackass" with swedish guys instead of Johnny Knoxville and Steve O. Only one episode dealt with anything race like and it was a joke. If you want to take that episode so seriously then look at what they said at the beginning of the show about how the dudesons wanted to be the bravest and toughest Americans, Native Americans. How about that huh?

Anti Anthorpologist said...


Wasn't Hitler's "Mein Kampf" just a book?

If you are truly a proud American, you should not "joke" about the continued genocide of a people whether its a TV show or a sporting event. Remember, Indian people have an average life expectancy of less than 50, have the highest suicide, alcohol and unemployment rates, hold no political powers, protest less yet serve in the military more percapita than any other race in America.

Is there not other areas and groups in American society that deserve the brunt of a "joke"?

There is nothing brave and tough about being the first American killed off by the last Americans, if even for entertainment purposes!

dmarks said...

thorp said: "Wasn't Hitler's "Mein Kampf" just a book?"

I don't think the makers of "Dudesons" are Nazis, or as bad as them. Yet another example of overuse of the "just like Hitler" meme found commonly on all political sides.