July 31, 2010

Brazilian video game teaches colonialism

Young Indigenous Hero Teaches History in Video Game

By Fabiana FrayssinetComputer game technology can have an impact on the way we view the world. In a new video game developed in Brazil, a young indigenous boy named Jeró helps break down the stereotypes of the worldwide video game industry while teaching about the history of colonialism.

Jeró, a Tupiniquim Indian, is the hero of "França Antártica", a new video game developed by a team from the Federal Fluminense University (UFF) in the city of Niteroi, located across Guanabara Bay from Rio de Janeiro.

The third-party action game takes place in the 16th century, a period in history when the French, lead by Nicolas Durand de Villegaignon, invaded Guanabara Bay with the mission of founding a new colony to be called França Antártica (Antarctic France).
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Video Games Featuring Indians.

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