July 16, 2010

Sexy "Indians" in hipster headdresses

Adrienne Keene posts a roundup of Native stereotypes in her Native Appropriations blog, including the following examples of hipster headdresses. (The indented comments are Adrienne's.)

Rosa Acosta Goes Wild Wild West For Playstation 3

Bossip shares a "Wild West" inspired photo shoot for the release of Playstation 3, which consists of a barely clothed model in a headdress (probs NSFW). What does that have to do with Playstation?The photo's file name is rosa-acosta-hontas.jpg. Because all "Indian women" are Pocahontas, even if they're dressed in Plains headdresses from across the country. Because all Indians are the same.

Zimbio has an image of Izia (a model) and fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac at the launch of the new clothing line in Paris, France. Izia is wearing a full warbonnet and feathered dress.It's sexy, it's skimpy, it's Native! White men wear suits while "Native" women wear feathers. That's the difference between civilization and savagery.

Broadway Bares 20Broadway Bares (an annual fundraiser featuring Broadway actors and dancers performing stripteases) featured an "Indian" baring all.Because Indians are wild and free, you know. They're already half-naked, so they have no qualms about taking off the rest of their clothes. Savages don't care if they're naked because they're like animals.

For more examples of hipster headdresses, see Bonus Round:  All the Awesome Tips in My Inbox. For more on the subject, see Headdresses = Fedoras? and Stereotypes Okay in "Cultural Commons"?


jean said...

Izia in the picture with French designer JC de Castalbajac is not a model but a newbie French singer.How sad to see her sink so low and accept to wear that ridiculous outfit for whatever event they were at.
Another left wing underground indie(no pun intended)artiste gone famewhor Tsk.
I've sent an e-mail about this to someone who knows her with the hopes he'll pass the msg on to her so she'll think twice about certain dress statements in the future.God forbid Peta supporter Izia starts thinking its okay to wear fur...

Anonymous said...

Did Indian women even dress like that? I'm pretty sure warbonnets are male attire.

Anonymous said...

This is stupid as fuck and racist the maker should jump off a cliff