July 13, 2010

Fort Chipewyan children talk about oilsands

Documentary on Fort Chip kids makes Toronto International Film Festival shortlist

Keepers of the Water has kids talking about oilsands pollution

By Hanneke Brooymans
A documentary on children in Fort Chipewyan and their concerns about oilsands pollution has made it onto a short list for an award at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival.

The short documentary, called Keepers of the Water, features several children aged nine to 12 talking about what they think the industry is doing to their water supply and their health. The film is competing with four others for fan votes to determine best emerging filmmaker. Voting closes at the end of Wednesday.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Cameron to Visit Oilsands? and Canada's Avatar Sands.

Below:  "A still from a documentary featuring kids from Fort Chipewyan who protested the oilsands in a four minute film called Keepers of the Water from director Ayelen Liberona."

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