July 28, 2010

Hipster medals instead of headdresses

The 1954 Levi's brochures reminds us that not only do chief's headdresses have meaning, but so do the individual feathers in those headdresses. It's more evidence why wearing such headdresses when you haven't earned the right is wrong.

Indeed, it's like wearing a soldier's military medals because you "wanna be" a soldier too. Hipsters could use the same arguments for medals that they do for headdresses:Trying to hold on to the outdated military culture is so old-fashioned and impractical. These days we're fighting for global democracy against the tyranny of governments, corporations, and churches. We're using our texts and tweets to strike a blow against dictators, capitalists, and politically correct police. Like George Washington and Nelson Mandela, we're all patriots and freedom fighters now. So put on your medals and celebrate our new pseudo-military culture, warriors!How about it? Let's start a new hipster medal movement to "honor" our military heroes. Young models, slackers, and drunks can wear them to show how much they love the new pseudo-military that doesn't include soldiers but still means to honor them. Fight for our freedom to get down and party, you medal-wearing hipsters! Show the old fogeys with their muskets and bayonets how it's done!

For more on the subject, see The "Honor" of a Plains Chief and Stereotypes Okay in "Cultural Commons"?

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For more on the subject, see Cooke Defends Medals, Headdresses.