August 03, 2010

Opposing churches near massacre sites

While we're opposing mosques near Ground Zero, let's also oppose churches near sites where Christian Americans massacred Indians. Deal?

The conservative response to the mosque at Ground Zero is hysterical--in more ways than one. Imagine the "scolding" they'd give to the terrorists:You attacked us for having too much freedom and not enough respect for Islam. In response, we're going to limit our freedom and disrespect Islam more. That'll teach you a lesson. If you think you're right about America, you are right. We're as narrowminded and prejudiced as you think we are.I'm amazed the idiots don't see the profound message of a mosque at Ground Zero. It's exactly like thumbing our noses at the terrorists:You attacked the WTC as a symbol of our global empire. Now we're building a mosque there as a symbol of our boundless tolerance. What'll you do next time...attack your own people and religion?

We're so much better than you that we can put a mosque where you'd never put a church or synagogue. This is exactly why we're admired and you're reviled around the world. Unlike you and your Koran, we practice what we preach in our Constitution.

In short, our freedom kicks your fanaticism in the butt. Get lost, you pathetic losers.
For more on the subject, see Native Intelligence:  The Long View and Terrorism:  "Good" vs. "Evil."

Below:  No places of worship near massacre sites on US soil? Okay, as long as we're consistent.

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For more on the subject, see Mosque Celebrates Multiculturalism.