August 02, 2010

Why the FBI investigated Zinn

Why the Feds Fear Thinkers Like Howard Zinn

By Chris HedgesWe have looked at these issues, as Zinn did, through the eyes of Native Americans, immigrants, slaves, women, union leaders, persecuted socialists, anarchists and communists, abolitionists, anti-war activists, civil rights leaders and the poor. As I was reading out loud a passage by Sojourner Truth, Chief Joseph, Henry David Thoreau, Frederick Douglass, W.E.B Du Bois, Randolph Bourne, Malcolm X or Martin Luther King, I have heard students mutter “Damn” or “We been lied to.”

The power of Zinn’s scholarship—which I have watched over the past few weeks open the eyes of young, mostly African-Americans to their own history and the structures that perpetuate misery for the poor and gluttony and privilege for the elite—explains why the FBI, which released its 423-page file on Zinn on July 30, saw him as a threat.

Zinn, who died in January at the age of 87, did not advocate violence or support the overthrow of the government, something he told FBI interrogators on several occasions. He was rather an example of how genuine intellectual thought is always subversive. It always challenges prevailing assumptions as well as political and economic structures. It is based on a fierce moral autonomy and personal courage and it is uniformly branded by the power elite as “political.” Zinn was a threat not because he was a violent revolutionary or a communist but because he was fearless and told the truth.
Comment:  For more on Zinn's writing about Natives, see This Ain't No Party, This Ain't No Disco:  A Columbus Day Rant. For more on the subject in general, see Ethnic History Corrects American History and Mainstream History = Pro-White Propaganda.

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dmarks said...

"....persecuted socialists, anarchists and communists..."

All he needed to do was add the KKK and like groups to round out his list of sociopathic/genocidal groups.