September 19, 2010

Dollar bills redesigned with Indians

Amazing New Designs For The Dollar Bill (PHOTOS)The American dollar is in bad need of a makeover. Thanks to the Dollar ReDe$ign Project, we may now have some options.

The leading vote-getter for this year's competition (pictured below) was submitted by British duo Dowling Duncan, which features a unique vertical design.
Mark Gartland submitted the entry below, entitled "America Today." The $50 bill features (pictured below) Sacagawea, the native American Indian who acted as Lewis and Clark's interpreter and guide. Noting the "cosmetic drabness" of the current dollar bill, Gartland selected various historical icons from including Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln and President Obama to represent the "diverse fabric" of the U.S.

Comment:  As this competition points out, we don't have to have the same bills every year. Why not change the bills once in a while the way we're doing with coins? Then people will collect them and the Treasury will make money when it makes money.

And why have the same dead presidents (and statesmen) every year? We could do series of people: famous women, blacks, Indians, inventors, artists, soldiers, etc. Or places: states, national parks, mountains, buildings, monuments, etc. Or things: animals, flowers, inventions, vehicles, works of fiction, etc.

Just color-code, them as Duncan has done, so you know the blue note is always the $1 bill and so forth. Then we can stop fawning over the people who fought, bought, relocated, and executed Indians. You know, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson (the Louisiana Purchase), Andrew Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln.

For more on the subject, see Replace Jackson on $20 Bill? and Replace Grant on $50 Bill?

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