September 15, 2010

Commission shopping for mixed martial arts

Athletic commissions have no say on MMA events on tribal lands

By Josh GrossWhen Congress passed the Boxing Safety Reform Act of 1996 and amended it four years later as part of the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act, it ensured among many other things that boxing on Indian reservations would have to meet certain standards and licensing requirements. MMA does not fall under similar legislation, meaning a loophole exists that allows promoters to find willing partners for any kind of fights they please under any rules they choose.

This is how Miller became aware of Shine Fights, a Florida-based MMA promotional company which, after failing to receive licenses in Virginia and Oklahoma, partnered last Friday with the Otoe-Missouria Tribe for an eight-man, one-night tournament at the First Council Casino in Newkirk, Okla.
Comment:  For more on Natives and mixed martial arts (not to be confused with made-up martial arts), see Rezdog the Mixed Martial Artist and Martial Artist Yells War Cries.

Below:  "Tommy Morrison tested positive for HIV in 1996, but didn't need to take a blood test before fighting on a Native American reservation."

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