September 28, 2010

Encore Vision's Native glasses

Eyeglass frames feature Native art

By Jack McNeelWearable art is nothing new. We wear all forms of jewelry and clothing inspired by Native artists, but something new is available and designed particularly with Native Americans in mind. Eyeglass frames with designs created by Smoker Marchand, a member of the Colville Confederated Tribes, Arrow Lakes Band, are the latest in wearable art.

The company producing these frames is Encore Vision, Inc. located in Spokane, Wash. It’s not a Native-owned company but General Manager Teri Harris said their focus will be the Native American niche and she plans to expand their offerings to include designs from Indian artists throughout the country, thus providing a wide variety of styles and designs. Marchand is the first artist to be signed and was told at the time that others would follow.
Comment:  For more on Native fashion, see The Dude in a Cowichan Cardigan and Litefoot's Four 2010 Releases.

Below:  "Dr. Robbie Paul, Nez Perce, modeled a pair of glasses with the 'Raven' design."

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