April 03, 2011

"Indian princess" in Doo Dah Parade

“Red Rosie” Named 2011 Doo Dah Queen

17-year-old Alverno High School student Rosalind Schoen wowed the judgesIn second place was Diane Patrizzi, otherwise known as “Princess Ha-Ha-Mongna Cowabunga Intergalactica” who channeled the native mating call of an early Indian tribe and told judges “we are all on…on one soccer field.”Comment:  The princess title, the funny Indian name, and the mating call are stereotypical.

Once again, comparing this to the racism against blacks is instructive. Would the parade accept a candidate named Ooga Booga from Chattanooga who performed an African mating ritual? I doubt it. Then why did they accept this mockery of Indians?

For more on the subject of faux Indians in parades, see Half-Naked "Chief" in Mass. Parade.

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