April 06, 2011

Report on NIGA 2011

Monday my pal Victor and I left in mid-afternoon for Phoenix. We stopped for some fateful Del Taco food and didn't arrive until 9 pm.

We didn't have time to do anything except watch The Green Hornet, which was as mediocre as I expected. Seth Rogen and his alter ego Britt Reid both wanted to play superhero even though they weren't qualified. Rogen/Reid spent most of the movie gushing over crimefighting gizmos, leering at Cameron Diaz, and exploiting Kato, who did all the work and got none of the credit.

Tuesday I woke up feeling nauseous after eating several leftover tacos the previous evening. I spent most of the day in bed and didn't feel better until late in the evening. Victor manned the Pechanga.net booth and reported seeing Adam Beach, among others.

Wednesday I made it to the trade show floor for the last four hours of the convention. I spent part of that time walking around and taking pictures. I shook hands with George "Comanche Boy" Tahdooahnippah, who was at the Rocket Gaming area greeting people. Other than an Aztecs-themed slot machine, I didn't see anything worth mentioning. Later activist Sonny Skyhawk and director Georgina Lightning came by our booth and said hello. And we packed up and headed home.

For more on the subject, see Off to NIGA 2011 and Pix of NIGA 2010.

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