April 01, 2011

Skywalk developer sues Hualapai tribe

Las Vegas developer of Grand Canyon Skywalk sues tribal council

Lawsuit alleges tribe plans to seize attraction through eminent domain

By Steve Green
The Las Vegas company that developed the Grand Canyon Skywalk attraction is suing the Hualapai Indian tribe's governing council, charging it wrongly plans to seize the company's interest in the glass skywalk through eminent domain proceedings.

Grand Canyon Skywalk Development LLC filed suit Wednesday in Prescott, Ariz., and is seeking a preliminary injunction to block the alleged takeover plan.
And:The Skywalk has generated some $5 million in cash flow during a recent nine-month period, yet Grand Canyon Skywalk Development hasn't been paid the management fee it's owed, the lawsuit says.

"Accounting irregularities, including embezzlement by an employee of a ticket-selling affiliate of SNW (a tribal business), and discrepancies between the number of tickets redeemed at the Skywalk and those reported sold by SNW and its affiliates, remain sources of conflict between the parties," a motion for an injunction against the "taking" says.
Comment:  I don't recall reading about any of the business or financial arrangements behind the Skywalk. Interesting to read about them now, but why weren't they reported before?

It's like reporting on a proposed casino, theme park, or monument. Don't just tell us how wonderful it's going to be, show us the money.

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For more on the subject, see:


Grand Canyon Skywalk faces rocky path

David Jin, the Henderson businessman who financed and constructed the $30 million Grand Canyon Skywalk, has filed papers in federal court to keep the Hualapai tribe from pushing him out and taking full control of the tourist magnet and the millions of dollars it generates.

At issue: Each side claims the other is responsible for the multimillion-dollar cost of running power, water and sewer to an unfinished visitor center next to the Skywalk.