January 12, 2007

Freakin' role models

Note to Native Celebrities: Face it, You’re a FREAKIN’ ROLE MODELWhat's a flawed person to do? Stop directing…stop performing…worse yet, let the world know you're a hearty partier and think monogamy is monotony? Mmmmm…somehow that's not the message young people ought to hear. Though, God forbid, you don't want to enter the halls of hypocrisy and lie about who and what you are. We have enough phonies already in public life.

Levity aside, there is a serious aspect to this debate. Because kids–particularly Native kids–need successful, articulate, attractive members from their own communities to look up to. To encourage them, providing hope that "if they can make it, so can I."

Which leads back to the quandary of being a FREAKIN' ROLE MODEL.
Comment:  I agree that Native celebs should think of themselves as role models. For instance, actors like Rudy Youngblood and Raoul Trujillo should do whatever they can to ensure their portrayals aren't stereotypical.


Anonymous said...

One or two? No comprende, Russ. No names mentioned here; this is an equal-opportunity commentary.

Rob said...

I gave two names as examples, which is why I wrote "for instance." I also could've used N. Scott Momaday and Russell Means as examples, but they haven't been in the news recently. Rudy Youngblood and Raoul Trujillo have.

Anonymous said...

Rudy Youngblood seems to be doing good work. He keeps a low profile and is very connected with his roots on his website, without relying on flashy promotion of him in any way. I think he has the makings of a really positive role model for Indian youth and all youth. He's focussed, artistic, respectful and sensitive.

Rob said...

I don't think Native actors have to worry about being role models until they've gotten roles in movies that have been written, made, and shown. Nobody is going to expect anything from "unknowns" who are just auditioning for a part.