January 19, 2007

Save the Amazon Indians

Experts double estimate of unknown Amazon tribesIndian groups surviving in Brazil's Amazon rain forest are far more numerous than previously believed, but they risk extermination at the hands of loggers and miners, experts say.

A study by Funai, the Brazilian government's national Indian foundation, estimates that around 67 Indian groups live in isolation from the outside world, up from previous estimates of around 40.

"With the rate of destruction in the Amazon, it is amazing there are any isolated people left at all," said Fiona Watson, campaigns co-ordinator with Survival International, an advocacy group for tribal peoples.

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Which was one of the reasons that writerfella and his L.A. connection, Thomas McKelvey Cleaver, co-wrote a screenplay, EL HOMBRE VERDE, back in 1991. As more and more isolated Native tribes were being discovered in the Amazon Matto Grosso, some of them speak about 'El Hombre Verde' and show stone carvings and pieces of cave rock art as proof. Eventually it is discovered that a group of humanoid reptiles also lives there, evolving descendants of a line of dinosaurs that survived the Chixalub asteroid impact. If the rain forest is destroyed, not only will humanity lose ancient tribes, they also will lose a parallel intelligent life form older than man himself...
All Best
Russ Bates