January 15, 2007

Sioux get SCALPED

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Rob said...


I imagine anyone with a knife could cut the scalp off someone's head. It probably would be a bloody mess, but the knife wielder could do it.

The question SCALPED raised was whether any Indian has the knowledge to scalp someone in a traditional Lakota way. The comic implied it was an almost surgical series of cuts, not a quick hack job.

I still doubt whether anyone knows such a precise scalping technique. It was probably last used in the Indian Wars of the 19th century.

For more on the subject, see Scalping, Torture, and Mutilation by Indians.

Rob said...

The Red Crow character claimed to know a particular method of scalping. That's what I question, not the general ability to scalp someone.

Interesting that "Red Crow" is also part of Floyd Westerman's name. I wonder if writer Jason Aaron realized that.