January 15, 2007

Native Youth Magazine

Titla's Dream:  Opening the Media Doors to Indian YouthExplaining how the idea of a website for Native youth began, Titla said this on her personal website, "The idea of a website for Native youth began in my home. I'm a mother of three boys, Jordan 20, Micah 15, and Bear 10. They all jump on the Internet almost on a daily basis. I noticed they weren't going to websites that catered to them as Native youth and I discovered why. There just aren't many websites for them. Those that exist are niche sites for those who have special interests like writing, sports and entertainment. There's nothing wrong with that, but I wondered about all the young people like my sons who wanted a place in cyberspace that not only catered to them but also offered one stop shopping. That's when the vision began."

When Titla read the message board during the first days of Native Youth Magazine the simple message "I love NYM" from a Native teenage girl, nearly brought her to tears. It assured her that Indian teenagers did read the online magazine and they did enjoy it.

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